Established in 2008, WaterLinks is a fully independent, non-profit organization based in Manila, Philippines. We design and facilitate Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) in the Asia-Pacific region that catalyze efficiency improvements to enhance and expand access to urban water and sanitation services. It is registered as a non-government organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.

Who We Are

WaterLinks, established in 2008, is a fully independent, non-profit organization that designs and executes Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) across the Asia-Pacific Region. We are based in Manila and we are registered at the Securities and Exchanges Commission of the Government of the Philippines.

What We Do

WaterLinks is focused on building capabilities of water and sanitation utilities to help them improve their operational efficiencies. Its WOPs and other training efforts are focused on:

  • Non-revenue water management
  • Asset Management
  • Billing and Collection Services
  • Customer Relations
  • Septage Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation

Our Record So Far

  • 82 WOPs Completed
  • 17 Training Workshops, Seminars, and Events
  • 5 Global Forums with 150-300 participants each from up to 25 countries.
  • 20 Case Studies
  • 5 Toolkits and Manuals
  • 1.5 million consumers benefitted
  • 3,500 participants with strengthened capabilities
  • 150+ Innovations in operating procedures
  • 1:1 funding through leveraged cost-share and buy-in

New Focus Areas

WaterLinks’ newest areas of focus are Climate Change and Governance.

Water and sanitation services throughout Asia are already being impacted negatively by climate change, and it is vital for water service providers to adapt urgently to systems and processes that are climate-resilient. As part of its support, WaterLinks:

  • Helps participants understand what climate change impacts mean in terms of water as a critical driver of social and economic development
  • Allows participants to assess the response options available to water operators including technologies, processes, and costs
  • Assists water operators in developing their own decision models for addressing climate-change impacts
  • Facilitates partnerships with more than 250 water utilities, global technology leaders, and senior water professionals

Please see our Climate Change Toolkit here.

Getting the right governance frameworks in place is crucial for Asia’s water and sanitation utilities in their quest for improved service delivery. WaterLinks will promote regulatory reform by partnering regulatory agencies with federal and local government entities that currently own and manage the majority of Asia’s utilities. Improved regulation will help in enhancing service standards and align them with investment needs and tariffs. We have commenced work, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in Bangladesh, Nepal, and the state of Odisha in India to assist governments in finding the right option for regulating water and sanitation utilities.

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