To promote scale-up and replication, WaterLinks disseminates good practices emerging through WOPs via publications, the WaterLinks website, and global, regional, and national sector events. WaterLinks also organizes regional networking events, including the WaterLinks Forum, to share partnership results and facilitate new partnerships.


Panelists at the WaterLinks Forum, September 2018.

In September 2018, WaterLinks organized its biennial forum titled “Solving Asia’s UrbanWater Crisis: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Change Nexus”.It attracted more than 225participants from 24 countries and enabled them to assess interdependencies between access to water, efficiencies in irrigated agriculture, the demand for water by fossil fuel-based energy systems, and the debilitating impacts of climate change. The Forum also hosted an exhibition that was participated in by various technology and service companies in the water and sanitation sectors.

For information on WaterLinks Forum 2018, 2016, 2014, and 2010 please click here.


WaterNotes are extended case studies on successful WOPs.

You may find our WaterNotes of past partnerships here.

Case Studies

Case Studies are snapshots of the key features of individual WOPs and highlight principal elements, challenges, and lessons.

You may find our case studies of past WOPs here.

Toolkits and Manuals


Toolkits are easy-to-follow guidelines on how to diagnose and address a particular operational situation, e.g identifying and adapting to climate change impacts.


Manuals, typically, are detailed how-to documents that provide step-by-step guidance on adopting a remedial measure, an improvement to an existing procedure, or introducing a new operating element, e.g. non-revenue water management.

You may find our Toolkits and Manuals here.

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