Asian Development Bank (ADB) supports projects in developing member countries that create economic and development impact, delivered through both public and private sector operations, advisory services, and knowledge support. Strategy 2030 sets the course for ADB’s efforts to respond effectively to Asia and the Pacific’s changing needs.

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6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel +63 2 86324444
Fax +63 2 86362444

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) BMGF is a private US foundation established in 2000 with substantive interests in improving public sanitation systems throughout the developing world. It is focused on developing citywide inclusive sanitation including appropriate technologies, community participation, and regulatory systems.

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(206) 709-3400

Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) is an international network created in 2009 to support water operators through Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs). WOPs are peer support exchanges between two or more water operators, carried out on a not-for-profit basis with the objective of strengthening operators’ capacity and performance to provide a better service to more people.

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Urban Basic Services Section, Urban Practices Branch, UN-Habitat
UN Campus Bonn, Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1
53113 Bonn, Germany

PERPAMSI is an association of drinking water companies throughout Indonesia established in 1972. These include companies owned by regional governments, those operating under the Public Works Department, and private companies. It is active in the training sphere and conducts numerous programs.


Dewi Sartika 287, Cawang, Jakarta Timur
021-809 3777, 808 81876
021-8088 1876

Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD) is a leading partner in providing sustainable, affordable, and safe water and sanitation for all. It is a dynamic, responsive, and reliable leader in the water industry, providing all its stakeholders with quality, efficient, and relevant products, and services.

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2/F LWUA Building, Katipunan Road, Balara, Quezon City 1101

Telefax: (02) 9275053
Telephone: (02) 9205453
Trunkline: (02) 9205581 to 99 locals 244/296

Southeast Asian Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN) is a regional network of water supply and sanitation utilities and national water associations established in August 2002. SEAWUN’s goal is to help members improve performance in delivering water supply and sanitation services.

United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID) is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. USAID’s work advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience. The purpose of foreign aid should be to end the need for its existence, and we provide development assistance to help partner countries on their own development journey to self-reliance – looking at ways to help lift lives, build communities, and establish self-sufficiency.

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USAID Philippines
Treglown Samuel
WASH Specialist

Patrick Wesner is a global nonprofit organization working to bring water and sanitation to the world. We want to make it safe, accessible, and cost-effective. help people get access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financings, such as small loans. We give our everything every day to empower people in need with these life-changing resources – giving women hope, children’s health, and families a bright future.


117 West 20th Street, Suite 203
Kansas City, MO 64108-1909 the USA
(816) 877-8451

Xylem Inc. is the world’s largest water data analytics company with over 17,000 employees and $5.2 billion in annual revenues. It is a leader in water technology that helps solve critical water and infrastructure problems.

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3A International Business Park, Tower B, #10-10/18, ICON@IBP, Singapore 609935
+65 6976 0601

IBP Tower, Ortigas Center, Dona Julia Vargas Ave. and Jade Drive, San Antonio City of Pasig, 2nd District, Philippines | 02-85567424 |