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Drought-struck Barcelona quenches thirst with costly desalination

EL PRAT DE LLOBREGAT, Spain — Where once the population of Barcelona drank mostly from its rivers and wells, Spain’s second city now relies upon a labyrinth-like mesh of green, blue and purple pipes inside an industrial plant to keep it from going thirsty amid a prolonged drought.

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Ideas from the UK for Asia’s Water Utilities

The water regulator is awarding the funding under its Water Breakthrough Challenge, to the tune of £40m. edie spoke exclusively to Ofwat’s senior director of strategy, finance and infrastructure John Russell about this funding in March.

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Desalination: Problems and Prospects – View from the Gulf States

Desalination has been identified as one technology that could help solve Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries’ water scarcity problem. Desalination is a cost-effective technology that can transform an abundance of salt water into a reliable supply of potable fresh water, which at first glance seems to be a panacea to the region’s water needs.  

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IBP Tower, Ortigas Center, Dona Julia Vargas Ave. and Jade Drive, San Antonio City of Pasig, 2nd District, Philippines |